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A decentralized open-source platform focused on the application of  blockchain technology and smart contracts to optimize peer-to-peer exchange.  

A decentralized autonomous organization will provide immutable smart contracts to help bring small supplier and small buyer together with win-win rewards system for partaking in exchange.

"Defi Classifieds” 

Governance and reward tokens will adopt exchange practices from Decentralized Finance, but put them to use for material needs in everyday life. 

The facilitation of a win-win economic scenario, with increased earnings for producers and larger discounts for consumers, promoting small-scale exchange, is the primary aim of the protocol.

 Decentralatio is focused on the need for direct action in the micro-economics of everyday life.  


Create a marketplace that finances small exchanges from the profits of the market

Apply blockchain technology to help producers, service providers and consumers easily generate immutable smart contracts between themselves in a trustless way. 
Utilize the flow of capital to finance users who participate within the market. 

Users who wish to stake tokens into the protocol, or pay with the protocol's native token recieve rewards and discounts.

Staked tokens and funds provide liquidity for users projects and accelerate decentralized product and service exchange.


The work and investment required by  artisans and small-scale producers is demanding. They must sell their products at high prices in order to earn decent wages and exclude low-income consumers who rely upon the cheap prices offered by large, non-local commercial industry.

Commercial product exchange is largely innefficient and overcomplicated. Product monopoly is rampant and economics-of-scale do not correspond with product quality. 

Intermediaries between producers and buyers reap rewards and export the wealth of localities.

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